Make sure you pre-order your copy of “Webcomics – What’s Cooking?” Every single cent goes to support American and Canadian food banks. Plus you get Bowie’s Beef Beer and Barley recipe! How cool is that?

Miss the first Webcomics Walkabout challenge? The second one is about to begin. All you need is an iPod, a Nike+ sensor, and a Nike+ ID! Send me an email @ with your ID so I can invite you! The one with the most miles wins! This time around, it is invite only, due to someone who joined ON THE LAST DAY with 1000 miles. I think they cheated a bit and missed the whole point of the challenge. I also wonder how the heck they did 1000 miles in 60 days.

And finally, I’ll be at the New England Webcomics Weekend in Easthampton MA. I’m don’t have a table, but I will be soaking up as much webcomics knowledge as I can. If you see me around, say hi!