Yes, today I am a bit older than my main characters, but not so old as Baba Yaga or the Dragon. If you want to do anything for my birthday, I have three suggestions:


Comic Creators Alliance

This is the last day to contribute to the Comic Creators Alliance: Fighting Together to End Human Trafficking. Last year 87 comic creators united to create one desktop wallpaper image featuring all their different characters, and together raised $10,000 for the purpose of fighting Human Trafficking! I’ve been asked to take part this year, so I’ll be adding Miranda to the wallpaper along side everyone else.

2) Give Blood. With the winter hitting the US hard this year, there have been a lot of winter related accidents in places that don’t normally have snow. Which means the American Red Cross is running very low on blood and platelets. So make an appointment today, give blood, and save a life or two.

3) If either of these options don’t appeal to you, and you feel the need to get me something more personal, I will always squeal over fan art, fiction, or crafts.

There you go! See you next time.