Heck, that title alone is going to have spambots start targeting me.

Anyhow, I had changed one of my Twitter profiles to include this website, since the website table will only let you post one site. Now, I have Aksimet, but since then my spam has gone up about 300%. Not the audience I was hoping for by posting that info. So when I go home tonight, I’ll do a little revising and see if the spamming slows down. This is probably why I haven’t set up a forum, beacuse the last thing I want to weed out at the end of the day is “Make your penis bigger” spam.

Which reminds me, I haven’t really posted contact information here in a while. There are two Twitters tied to this site. (no spam so I’m spelling things out at)TLupien is my personal Twitter. You’ll get mini updates from me personally, including comic updates. Lately, you’ll hear about my month and a half long migraine. (no spam so I’m spelling things out at)B_Swiftriver is Bowie’s personal account, plus comic updates. So if my character is more interesting than me, you may want to follow that one.

Bowie also has a Formspring account. If you want to ask him questions, ask them at Swiftriver. Keep in mind, this is not a way to get spoilers out of me, Capeche? If I canget the right plug in for that, It may show up on the front page soon.

There’s a Swiftriver fan group on FaceBook.

I’ve several emails, but the best one for reaching me about this comic is webmaster(no spam so I’m spelling things out at)swiftriver-comics.com.

I have a personal design site that needs updating at http://(don’ttypethisbit,okay)patricialupien.com.

I think that covers most of the bases. Oh! I have a Paypal account if you ever want to donate. I figure that won’t go back up on the site until my health gets better and my updates increase.