Hi everyone!

I guess it’s true what they say. “When it rains it pours!” Not only did I take care of my hubby when he had surgery, but I was hired for TWO jobs. Yep. A part time and a full time. And it’s about time after being out of work for over a year.

So I’ll be working both for a while to help catch up on bills and student loans. What’s this mean for  Swiftriver? Is this the end of the comic? Hells no!

What this means is you’ll be getting a page a week. What this means is I need to increase my speed without sacrificing style. What this means is you still get to read my story.

Therefore, if anyone has any working tips on how to increase one’s speed in drawing, send them my way. Email them or Tweet me directly at B_Swiftriver. And you’ll be getting a comic on Friday sometime. I’m dancing as fast as I can, boss.

Oh, and a few quick announcements while I have your attention. One, thank you all for nominating and voting for Swiftriver for the WCRCAs. I didn’t win, but various fine folk did. Maybe next year, eh? Two, I’m taking place in three art collaborations. (With what time? 😉 ) The first is the fabulous Webcomics Tarot Project by Jessica Cantelope. The second is a site founded by Lora Innes of The Dreamer called the Comic Creator’s Alliance. This project is trying to raise awareness about human trafficking. And third is a bit of fun called Comics Secret Santa, made just for Web Comic Creators.

See you Friday!