I posted this in my LJ earlier, but I thought I’d repost here.

Here’s the thing: I created a page where I had to draw my own personal line as to where to censor my comic. I’ve shown gore (the Spider Lady Splatter fest), I’ve had people swearing (the occasional shit and fuck), I’ve even shown bare breasts, though not in a sexual context. So I consider Swiftriver to be a PG-13 if I had to give it a rating.

But Bowie is a ladies man, and enjoys sex. Eventually, I knew I would hit a point in my story where nudity would come into play in a sexual sense. The page I wrote doesn’t even have full frontal nudity or anything. Want to know what I was agonizing over?

A naked butt.

I mean, honestly, I’ve seen more than that in a typical National Geographic magazine. Art museums have naked butts all the time. And not just in an art context (If you want blatant ancient Greek art/porn, go check out the Greek pottery exhibit at the MFA. Seriously. This was not worshiping the art of the nude, people. This is what this internet was in 1000 BC.)

So my dilemma was “should I show the naked butt or not?” And I ended up with “not.” I ended up drawing panties on her. Not because I was ashamed. I just feel at this point that if anyone in the comic should be nude in a sexual sense, it should probably be one of the main characters. And I don’t plan on having any of them naked at any point in the near future. I still feel it’s titillating and sexy, I just don’t want to waste the opportunity on a third-string character at this point.

So long story short. This page is PG-13, but could be considered NSFW.