Bowie SwiftriverBowie Swiftriver

Birthday: August 1st (assumed)

Height: 6’3″

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Bowie is, in no particular order, a thief, a Red Sox fan, an amnesiac, an elf and a ladies man (**COUGHCOUGHmaleslutCOUGH**). After a botched job and a traumatic fall, he starts seeing through glamours and the magical side of the world is revealed to him. Since he’s seeing the real world and the magical one at the same time, he’s prone to severe nightmares and migraines. He’s found out he can block the glamours with huge amounts of alcohol. He’s also finding out there are rules for the magical realm, and he’s never been one to follow rules…

Miranda SpadaforeMiranda Spadafore

Birthday: June 14th

Height: 5’3″

Hair: Dark brown (natural), Burgandy and black with Fuschia stripe (dyed)

Eyes: Brown

Miranda has been Bowie’s best friend since he was twelve. She’s never been attracted to him more than as family, and that goes both ways. She tends to be Bowie’s conscience when he’s around, even if he never listens. She’s a brawler if you get her angry, due to being the only girl among 4 brothers. Currently, she’s bar tending at night while trying to get her degree in physical therapy.

Reverend C. J. RileyRev. C. J. Riley

Birthday: December 7th

Height: 6’1″

Hair: Grey (originally brown)

Eyes: Blue

Riley is Bowie’s adoptive father. He’s kind, giving, and an asset to the church community. But like many priests, he somehow managed to raise a wild child. He tries not to judge when it comes to Bowie’s choice of profession, justifying it with the fact that Christ hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors on a regular basis.

Geoffrey ThuneGeoffrey Thune

Birthday: March 21st

Height: 7’4″ (as troll), 5’7″ (glamoured)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Brown

Geoff is a quiet, gentle and unassuming type of fellow. In fact he’d be perfectly boring if he wasn’t Trollish-American.  By day, he works as a computer programmer in Boston’s Financial district, and he doesn’t have much of a social life outside of work. He lives above his grandmother in a duplex in Dorchester. He feels he owes both Bowie and Miranda his life since they rescued him from the clutches of a giant spider lady, and will bend over backwards to make sure that debt is repaid. Being friends with Bowie is forcing him out of the safety of his shell.