The Story So Far…

Bowie Swiftriver decided to go legit after a botched heist. It turned out the heist was a set up for something grander. However, Bowie never found out what those plans were, seeing as he started hallucinating, causing him to fall off a very tall building.

Bowie then went back home to Boston, where he was hugged and punched by Miranda in the span of two minutes. He then confessed that the disturbing visions were worrying him to his father, Rev. C. J. Riley. Putting his delusions behind him for an evening, Bowie spent a night at one of the local bars, in hopes of getting lucky.

He found a girl that was just his type (easy), but she tried to eat him. Literally. On the plus side, Bowie found out that he wasn’t seeing things, and that these visions of myth were somehow real. After dripping blood all over Miranda’s floor (mostly not his, as he pointed out), the two of them went back to the spider woman’s apartment to try and find this “other” she mentioned. Thankfully, he was still alive.

The other turned out to be a rather large troll named Geoff Thune. Since his rescue, he considers Bowie and Miranda his closest friends. He also has an extended family of troll elders that want to use Bowie to stop a potential war. No big deal.

About the Author

Patricia Lupien is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of New England. She learned to read at pretty much the same time she started to draw which was at a year and a half. Since then, art and storytelling has gone hand in hand for her.

Tricia’s wanted to tell Bowie’s story for many years now, and finally has the means to tell it to everyone else. She also realizes that talking about herself in the third person is rather tricky and makes her sound like Bob Dole.

You can reach Tricia at

There are two Twitters tied to this site: @TLupien is my personal Twitter. You’ll get mini updates from me personally, including comic updates. @B_Swiftriver is Bowie’s personal account, plus comic updates. So if my character is more interesting than me, you may want to follow that one.

Bowie, Geoff and Miranda also have Formspring accounts. If you want to ask them questions, ask them at Swiftriver, GeofftheTroll, and BostonBarWench. Keep in mind, this is not a way to get spoilers out of me, Capeche? If I can get the right plug in for that, It may show up on the front page soon.

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